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45 TPH Twin Shaft Mixer - NZ

In 2013 Rocktec designed, built, installed and commissioned a twin shaft mixer for use in the production of concrete roof tiles



  • 45 tph (Nominal throughput)
  • 15 kW Drive
  • 2.9m long mixing chamber
  • 460mm paddle diameter

The mixer is used to combine sand, cement and ( 3:1 ratio) water together forming a consistent dry pug.

It has a nominal production capacity of 45 tph.

The mixer has a chamber length of 2.9m long and a paddle diameter of 460mm.  It features hinged top and bottom doors to allow unobstructed access to the mixing chamber for inspection, cleaning and maintenance.

The shaft assemblies are also easily removable for cleaning and maintenance. The shafts have bolt on paddles which form the advancing helix.  Each paddle is manufactured from high grade wear resistant plate.

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