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Meka Fine Material Washer


Meka Fine Material Washer

Meka Fine Material Washer


MEKA Fine Material Washers are accomplished by hydraulic separation; using water to clean and classify by weight. Larger particles (Sand) weigh more so they sink and are collected in the bottom of the trough. They are discharged by steel spiral shaft with replaceable polyurethane or cast steel linings. The smaller lighter unwanted particles are floated to the surface and discharged over the weirs at the lower end of the machine.

Capable of producing high capacities, fine material washers deliver extreme productivity. High efficiency single or dual drives result in low power requirement, thus reducing operating costs while increasing throughput. A large capacity pool and adjustable speed control via sheave changes ensures a steady and consistent flow of fine aggregate peoducts. Available in both single and twin screw configurations, fine material washers are most often used after a wet screening operation to process products such as concrete, mason, mortar.


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