Meka Bucket Wheel Dewaterer


Meka Bucket Wheel Dewaterer

Meka Bucket Wheel Dewaterer


Sand from a washing screen becomes a solution with water and is fed into the bucket tank of the washer. Most of the course sand is taken away by the buckets, drained and discharged. The rest of this sand then floats in suspension to the auger tank. The courser of this sand, sinks to the bottom and is removed to the buckets for discharge by the auger screw. The silt,then floats away to the customers ponds. The water flow rate is an important factor, as a material with a high percentage of fines to be removed, will require a high volume of water.


Bucket wheel dewaterers also boast a big decantation basin, providing great flexibility in control of feeding amount with feeding frequency control. An option for slow operating speed means a very low wear part cost, even for abrasive materials, as a low speed causes less friction and creates better results for fine material recovery. These features make the bucket wheel dewaterer one of the most cost-friendly solutions for washing applications.


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