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ESS 2000


ESS 2000

ESS 2000

The ESS 2000 Series attaches to the outside of the conveyor belt load skirts to provide an effective seal, preventing material loss and dust emissions. Each ESS 2000 Skirting assembly comprises of a 1,200mm-long back-plate with four captive wedge or cotter assemblies and two 590mm-long clamp plates. The back-plate may be site cut to 600mm in length and used with a single-clamp plate. This allows skirt lengths of any multiple of 600mm to be accommodated using standard components.
For skirt lengths that are not a multiple of 600mm, refer to Section 4.1 for installation details. The rubber seal is secured in place by the clamp plates, which are in turn held by two captive wedges (or cotters). This system allows ease of adjustment or replacement of the rubber seal. Using the Apron Seal urethane dual seal alongside this product helps to control very dusty material.


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