ESS TRAC-MOUNT Primary Cleaner


ESS TRAC-MOUNT Primary Cleaner

ESS TRAC-MOUNT Primary Cleaner

Normally mounted on the face of the head pulley, the TRAC-MOUNT® Primary Cleaner's urethane blades effi ciently peel the adhearing material from the belt surface. The Stainless Steel track and blade carrier interface, means the blades simply slide on/ slide off the cleaner under all operating conditions. Inspectioon and maintenace is quick and easy.
Cleaning Options: The TRAC- MOUNT® Primary cleaner is available in a range of confi gurations to suit all applications. Rocktec can recommend the best combination of all options for any belt cleaning problem.
Tensioners: Compression Spring Tensioner (Standard); Air Tensioner; Twist Tensioner
Urethanes: Orange Urethane - standard applications; Blue Urethane - high wear applications; Green Urethane - high temp applications; FRASthane 750 - underground coal
Blades: Standard - 125mm Wide Segment
Construction: Standard Mild Steel; Stainless Steel
Belt Width: Available from 450mm through to 2400mm
Also available: XDH Primary Cleaner; Durt tracker Primary Cleaner; Compact Cleaner


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