ESS Standard IN-LINE Secondary Cleaner


ESS Standard IN-LINE Secondary Cleaner

ESS Standard IN-LINE Secondary Cleaner

Advantages for the Standard In-line Secondary Cleaner are:
Effective & Durable: Tungsten carbide tips provide effective cleaning over extending service.
Simple Mounts: With the use of Tungsten Tips and using the Urethane base to store torque, the simple jacking screw is an effective low cost solution.
Cushions Splice Shock: Urethane Blade base fl exes to absorb impact and take up any irregularities in the belt.
Installs in Small Places: Narrow profi le minimises space requirements.
Minimal Risk to Belt: 90 blade to belt angle is safe for the belt, the splice and the cleaner.
Blades: Orange Urethane; Tungsten Carbide Tipped (Standard); ABR Steel
Belt Width: Available from 250mm through to 2400mm
Also Available: In -Line Premium Secondary Cleaner; Durt Tracker Torsion Arm Secondar cleaner; Durt Hawg/Hawg Bone secondary cleaner; Compact Secondary Cleaner


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