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ESS Air Cannons

ESS Big Blaster Air Cannon

ESS Big Blaster Air Cannon

ESS manufacture the Martin® Big Blaster Air Cannon, fi tted with the Martin external piston valve. The external piston valve is the most effi cent and most relaible air cannon valve available.
Introduction of the new Martin® XHV External Valve for high temperature applications has extended this product superiority to all air cannnon applications. The blaster pressure vessels are manufactured strictly to Austrailian standard codes and for most sizes approved for up to 1,000,000 fi ring cycles. The superiority of the Martin® Product is complemented by ESS' expertise in the application of air cannon technology. ESS engineers have far greater experience and training in the placement and operation of the Big Blaster than any Australian competitor, to the point that we guarentee total client satisfaction, in any Big Blaster application recommened and designed by ESS. ESS before and after sales, service will combine with our superior products and technical expertise to ensure an effective solution to almost any bulk material fl ow problem.


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