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Watercare Services Ltd - Oversize Vehicle Wheel Wash - Auckland, NZ

In 2014 Rocktec designed, built, installed and commissioned an oversize vehicle Wheel Wash for Watercare Services Ltd



  • Two custom, oversized wheel wash units
  • Control system
  • Two pumps
  • Five 25000 Ltr water storage tanks
  • Water blaster


It is used for cleaning the underbody of tractors towing to a number of trailers caring treated biosolids, at the Puketutu Island Quarry rehabilitation project.

Based on Rocktec’s standard wheel wash the oversize unit was developed.

The two oversized wheel washers were installed end on end giving an 8m long by 3.2m wide washing area.

The installation also included four 25000 litre tanks for recycled water storage and another 25000 litre tank for fresh water storage.

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