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Stevenson Resources - Wheel and Underbody Wash - Drury NZ

Rocktec designed, built, installed and commissioned a Wheel and Underbody Wash for Stevenson Resources Ltd


Drury Quarry is one of the largest and most technically advanced quarries in New Zealand. Drury Quarry ranks amongst the biggest producers of aggregate in the Auckland region, supplying over a quarter of its requirements. This quarry services customers in the Auckland and Waikato regions and produces well over three million tonnes of aggregate annually when markets are in full swing. With the high volumes of heavy traffic leaving this Quarry Plant this system had been designed to provide a convenient, efficient and fully automated drive through wash for heavy vehicles.

Fully automatic, ultra-efficient wheel and underbody wash.

  • 4 meter wash length
  • 84 high pressure jets arranged to give intensive spray pattern to wash all tyre and underbody surfaces
  • Automated drive through system triggered by an electronic sensor
  • Caters for all types of road going vehicles
  • Side screens to contain overspray
  • Adjustable side spray bars

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