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Warrior Wheel and Underbody Truck Wash

The Rocktec Warrior Wheel and Underbody Truck Wash has been designed to provide a convenient, efficient and fully automatic drive through wash for heavy vehicles.

The Warrior caters for all types of road going vehicles and is built entirely of steel to ensure long life in the most arduous conditions. The design of the wheel wash prevents the vehicle wheels from wearing the mainframe by raising the removable grates above the frame. This also gives the benefit of a continuous rumble effect helping to loosen dirt and shake off excess water.

The base of the Warrior has been hot dipped galvanized to prevent any corrosion from both the environment and the water that is used. Solid, removable grates allow easy access for any cleaning or maintenance that may be required while a central walkway gives safe pedestrian access over the wheel wash.

As the truck approaches the Warrior the sensor activates the wash cycle, the sensor has been specifically designed to reducing nuisance tripping from external sources. A horizontal end suction centrifugal pump is supplied to provide the necessary water to the 84 high pressure nozzles that have been carefully directed to clean the underbody, the inside and outside of the wheels, as well as the tread and between the duals.


Standard features:

  • Fully automatic, ultra-efficient wheel and underbody truck wash
  • 4m wash length
  • 84 high-pressure jets arranged to give intensive spray pattern to wash all tyre and underbody surfaces
  • Automated drive-through system triggered by magnetic sensor
  • Hot dipped galvanised base
  • Caters for all types of road-going vehicles
  • Side screens to contain overspray
  • Adjustable side spray bars


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