Effective solutions for the recovery of solids and water clarification
Andy Leadbeater, Business Development Specialist

Bibko Readymix Recycling Systems

Bibko RWS


  • Concrete wash-out capacity: up to 12m3/h
  • Separating cut of 0.2mm
  • All bearings positioned outside water area
  • A compact and economic unit which takes up little space
  • Easy machine cover
  • Complete galvanising
  • Feed hopper with sizes of up to 3m
  • High discharge level up to 2.5m
  • Aggregate discharge dry enough for storage
  • Mobile unit ready for operation


Module 1:  Recovery of material, sand and gravel, from residual Readymix.

The machinery is designed to wash the entire residual concrete in such a way that sand and gravel - free from cement - will be available for recovery. In effect, cement sludge water and residual concrete come from the following three places:

  • Residual concrete returned by the truck mixers.
  • Wash water from cleaning the truck mixer.
  • Residual concrete and wash water from the concrete mixing plant.

Water is added to the truckmixer to clean the drum and is then fed together with the residual Readymix into the feeding hopper of the BIBKO machine.

The BIBKO®-Concrete washer RWS consists a strong screw washer. Under fully automatic control, fresh water, surface water and well water are fed into the machine, where they separate the fractions of sand, gravel and cement sludge water. The separating cut is of about 0.2 mm (0.0078 in). Since water sourced locally is a major concern, it is recycled in accordance with the counter current principle. Sand and gravel are conveyed via a screw. The fine components under 0.2 mm reach the agitator tank via the machine outlet.


Module 2:    Re-use of recycling water.

Electric agitators keep the fine grains (cement sludge) in suspension.  A submersible pump, pumps water out of the reservoir to the mixer’s water weighing batcher, where cement sludge water is used to produce new Readymix. Our system is equipped with an electric control unit to control all its functions and to facilitate its operation.


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